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Enrico Miglino (alicemirror)
Tech Consulting
Location:Spain, Ibiza
Birthday:Mar 10 1961
Type:project contract, full time employee, part time employee
Experience:NPE 9100 software controller
Amber Technical Solutions

Industrial Automation industry

2011 – Present (less than a year)

This java package continuously check a series of input ports on the NPE9100 unit generating a set of output records sent to the stdio. The program can be run as a batched process recirecting the output to a data file continuously updated.

Interfacing a Telit embedded to a Mitsubishi Alpha 2 industrial controller
Amber Technical Solutions

Industrial Automation industry

2011 – Present (less than a year)

This is a python-based software development project that aims to manage the Mitsubishi Alpha-2 industrial controller throught the RS232 port with a Telit embedded device that connect remote networks on the Internet with a GPRS mobile connection

Black Cat Cutting Studio
Cougar plotters

Printing industry

2011 – Present (less than a year)

Black Cat Cutting Studio is a QT application for desktop platforms (Linux / MAC / Windows) and some high-end mobile devices like N900, E7 graphic platform to control and manage cutting plotters.

It includes external math and graphic libraries, advanced style interface developed under QML, hardware management and more other components. This project is proudly supported by premiersign.co.uk and Cougar Cutting Plotters.

Naijanimi SMS
Naijanimi Nigerian communication company

Program Development industry

2011 – Present (less than a year)

Based on the platform naijanimi.com and developed under QT-Quick, primary for symbian mobile this project aims to release a free application that interfacing this portal permit to send free SMS using Nigerian mobile numbers.

Price My House
Evimin Fiyati

Real Estate industry

2011 – Present (less than a year)

Project for mobile devices that focus the development on the platforms Symbian (Nokia devices) and iOS (Apple devices).

Development of new astonishing applications
Viva la Mobile

Privately Held; Wireless industry

June 2011 – Present (2 months) Sidney

You can provide a brief description for this position.

Owner, Independent free lance Edit
Tech Consulting

Research industry

September 2010 – June 2011 (10 months)

I own my activity working as free lancer and professional in the fields of applied technology and software project research and development.

RC Hobby Stream (Desktop version)
Maplegate Media Group

Research industry

January 2011 – April 2011 (4 months)

RC Hobby Stream shows a RSS feed of a set of Twitter Users, periodically updated. This version of the application works showing the Tweets delivered by the U.S. magazines Robot Magazine, Fly RC Mag, RC Driver and RC Heli Pilot. Plus, the Twitter messages of The Users Group Buy.

Software application develompent and team coordinator
Various Hospitality industries (Valtur, Ventana, Chiariva, Parmatur)

Hospitality industry

1998 – 2004 (6 years)

I have coordinated and directed development and technical teams for several big customers like Alcatel company, Hospitality Industry companies and I have experienced the knowledge to manage and develop projects for complex applications including hardware and software.

ASIA Web engine, team development manager (3 people)
3W Company

Internet industry

1999 – 2001 (2 years)

Development of the ASIA Engine platform for web portal creation and management.
Based on ASIA Engine and portal development environment, I coordinated and supported the project and development of the communication portal for the Insurance company Fondiaria group.

Specialistic support on wide networks
Alcatel Italy and other Europe subsidiaries

Telecommunications industry

1998 – 2001 (3 years)

Specialistic support as network consultant on centillion, cisco systems and network management applications on wide range geographical networks.
Some of these were: Pliva pharmaceutical company in Croatia, DHL Italy and DHL Europe, Telecom Italy, Infostrada, TNT Traco and more.

Virtual body, development team manager (2 people)
Galileo Siscam - Florence

Research industry

1996 – 1996 (less than a year)

Virtual Body Project to follow biological shapes moving in their natural life environment, developed for Galileo Siscam - Florence, Italy.
Actually the algorithms developed in this project are used for life structures recognition in several automatic tracking processes.

Biomedical application Virtual Head, developer researcher
Tecno Data

Research industry

1995 – 1996 (1 year)

Development of Virtual Head, computer controlled helmet for biomedical application, in collaboration with Centro Don Gnocchi, Milan - Italy for diagnosis and monitor of health diseases that can influence human optical discrimination capacity.

VR Simulation platform, development team manager (8 people)
Tecno Data

Entertainment industry

1995 – 1995 (less than a year)

Software development for a simulation engine for virtual reality (1995) with hydraulic feedback for movement and navigation simulation. Development of the C++ SPDK (Simulation platform development kit) for virtual reality software applications.

Network fax multi user environment, developer, team manager (6 people)
Geymonat Associati ltd

Telecommunications industry

1993 – 1994 (1 year)

Project and development of Fax Station technology, integrated fax/printer application operating as virtual device Windows printer driver to manage automatic fax deployment, interfaced with mainframe text printers. The application was capable to understand and translate the text print files (ASCII only) converting them to PCL language for remote wan deployment over LaserJet printers and corporate fax servers.
The project was developed to operate both in windows and apple operating systems (the customer was BGSS Communication Company working with a lot of apple based graphic stations) in NT 3.5 and Novell 4.0 network operating system and Windows desktop.

Development of the redirector technology, develompent team director (3 people)
Geymonat Associati and Barbella Gagliardi e Saffirio Adv group

Telecommunications industry

1993 – 1994 (1 year)

Development of the Redirector technology, a set of automatic language translators and drivers for the IBM Mainframe text-only printers forwarded over a distributed HP-GL and Postscript interface for laser network printers, impact, colours, laser, Pcl and Postscript devices connected to Windows desktop computers
Software developed in C / C++ language in several netwok environments.

Ink-jet fax/printer, software driver developer
Olivetti Italy

Telecommunications industry

1993 – 1993 (less than a year)

Printer driver development of the first plan paper ink jet fax/printer for Olivetti, an Italian hardware computers and peripherals producer.
Software driver developed in C/C++ language for Windows for workgroup.

Digital radio RDS software decoder, team manager (6 people)
Geymonat Associati ltd

Computer Hardware industry

1992 – 1993 (1 year)

Project, development and international registration for the algorithms property for the first RDS (Radio Data System) software decoding system based on a custom radio synth card for PCs
Software and drivers developed in C language and Microsoft Windows environment.

Archaeological research on skull analisys, graphic software developer
Anthropology Dept. Turin University

Research industry

1986 – 1988 (2 years)

Anthropology Dept. Turin University, Prof. Melchiorre Masali, “The man of grimaldi”: analysis and reconstruction of the skull, based on bones found at Grotte dei Balzi Rossi.
Software in C language, morphometry and image analysis algorithms for automatic shapes recognition.

Graphical simulation for archaeology, graphical software responsible, team member
Institute for Archaeological Dept. Turin University

Architecture & Planning industry

1987 – 1987 (less than a year)

National Cultural and Environmental Dept., S.A.A.St. Institute for Archaeological Dept. Turin University, Prof. Melchiorre Masali and Prof. Paolo Gullini - Simulation and computer reconstruction of the House of Menandro in Pompei
Software developed in C language and interface developed with Director multimedia tools using desktop graphical workstations and catia graphic application.

Morphometry for biologists - Developer, research team coordinator
Turin Animals Medicine University - Nutritional dept.

Research industry

1985 – 1987 (2 years)

With Luca Masali and others, Turin Animals Medicine University - Nutritional dept., Prof. Paolo Durio - Study and develop of a morphometry system for qualitative analysis in biological structures. Software developed in C language on graphic workstations.

3D reconstruction of archaeological sites, graphic image processing, team member
CIRT - Centro Italiano Rilevamenti Terrestri

Architecture & Planning industry

1986 – 1986 (less than a year)

In collaboration with Federico Villani, CIRT and National Cultural Environment Dept.
Development of algorithms for reconstruction and 3D model of and ancient grave found in Sardinia Italy
Software developed in Lisp language in three dimensional Autocad environment.

Industry automation software developer
Cigala & Bertinetto

Industrial Automation industry

1985 – 1986 (1 year)

Development of applications for custom computers and embedded hardware employed in the manufacture industry.

Hand-held software developer consultant
INFOS Italy (Fiat group)

Research industry

1984 – 1984 (less than a year)

Development of terminal software for hand-held computers data collector at INFOS Italy (a FIAT group Company). Software developed in C language – Vitamin C platform.

Developer and team manager (4 people)
ARCAS Building enterprise

Research industry

1980 – 1982 (2 years)

Development of a complex system for project cost control for ARCAS Building Enterprise over Texas Instruments DX-10 hardware and O.S. compiled Basic language

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