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Lyrics screenlet



Score 79%
Lyrics screenlet

Minimum required   GTK 2.x
Downloads:  29901
Submitted:  Feb 3 2009
Updated:  Mar 30 2011


This screenlet downloads and display synchronized lyrics of music files playing in the audio player.

Version 0.7.0 allows to create and upload lyrics to the database (for some time it will be used for testing, but I'll try not to delete anything :P)
Steps to create synchronized lyrics:
  • find unsynchronized lyrics (later will be implemented by the screenlet itself)

  • drag&drop text or file with lyrics to screenlet

  • during playing song, use Space key to insert time info

  • save or upload lyrics before screenlet switch to another song :)

  • Requires:
    python-numpy can be needed on Ubuntu and possibly some other distributions in the case of crashing when you move cursor over control buttons
    python-chardet for better dealing with different lyrics encoding, but it's optional

    Set lyrics offset:
    by 0.1s: Shift+Up/Down key
    by 0.5s: Up/Down key

    Supported players:
    Music Player Daemon based players
    Quodlibet - need to install plugin in package
    Listen 0.6 and higher
    Xmms - need to install pyxmms
    Any other that support MPRIS API (direct or with plugin) - vlc, Songbird ...

    Supported lyrics sources: ALSong, minilyrics, lrcdb


    - fixed bug in saving/restoring cairo state in LyricsPanel visible on default theme
    - searching lyrics on disk with ignoring case and accent and some bug fixes
    - support of "offset" metadata in lyrics files
    - added settings option - format of filename for saving/loading lyrics with automatic
    conversion between them
    - properties window works with newer screenlets package version

    - fixed accessing of the song info metadata - doesn't crash on missing metadata
    - works with a new gtk version (deprecation warning turned into TypeError)
    - fixed bug in saving/restoring cairo context (in Widget and LyricsPanel classes)

    - added possibility to upload lyrics to the database and using this database for searching
    - reporting a missing lyrics to the database
    - creating synchronized lyrics works again

    -lyrics align settings: left, center, right
    -lyrics translation on/off switch in menu
    -update translation settings immediately
    -safe minimizing (use when screenlet itself moves on desktop)
    -works in gnome 2.30 (bug is in pycairo, not screenlet!)
    - lyrics searching bug fix, now it should really works, I promise :D
    - update of lyrics engine: ALSong now work again (it stopped to work at all after they changed ip address), minilyrics has better encoding handling
    - theme update

    older logs in changelog file

    (LyricsScreenlet 0.7.2)
    (LyricsScreenlet 0.6.9 (stable))
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     great job

     by Naf71 on: Jul 15 2009
    Score 50%

    I will be very happy to get the version compatible with xmms and songbird?

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     Re: great job

     by dencer on: Jul 15 2009
    Score 50%

    xmms shouldn't be problem, but songbird allways crashes after I installed plugin for mpris API

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     by chriskin on: Jul 15 2009
    Score 50%

    i'm following your screenlet on every new release, but since you had the icon always appearing when the screenlet is not working, i got a little strange feeling. why is the icon there at the first place? :S

    can i modify it to remove it?

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     Re: icon

     by dencer on: Jul 15 2009
    Score 50%

    When screenlet haven't what to showing, I think it is waste of space on the desktop. Of course you can change whatever you want, but now only in source code :D. However, I can make this as option in the settings.

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     Re: Re: icon

     by chriskin on: Jul 15 2009
    Score 50%

    i was thinking about changing the image it uses into a fully transparent one
    can't say that i am not a noob, but isn't that possible?

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     Re: Re: Re: icon

     by dencer on: Jul 15 2009
    Score 50%

    I know my icons artwork doesn't look very eye candy :P, hope this will change one day. You can easily create totaly transparent svg image in Inkscape and replace icons in themes folder. And maybe png icon will work too, but it's without guarantee

    Graphics suggestions (as well as others) are always welcomen, just needs more details.

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     by legion1978 on: Jul 15 2009
    Score 50%

    Very nice u included listen player ;) it works really fine

    Ukeireru nara shini wa shinai
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     by Wyt on: Jul 17 2009
    Score 50%

    this looks awesome. but I dont know why, it just crashes while I move my cursor over the bottom panel with arrows. I didn't know why, and terminal told me that there was some problem with importing some "numpy-array". so I guessed that was a missing extension of my python :D

    so "apt-get install python-numpy" resolved it :) just for the case anyone had the same problem - I'm on Ubuntu Jaunty

    enjoy this great screenlet :)

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     by djokica on: Jul 20 2009
    Score 50%


    i am new,

    how to install screenlets?
    I install sceenlets program, but now i download new screenlets and then i dont know whats next?


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     Re: problem

     by dencer on: Jul 20 2009
    Score 50%


    you can install new screenlets throught Screenlet Manager, it's second option in menu. Or you can unpack and put screenlet's folder to your $HOME/.screenlets/ directory

    hope this helps

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     Proxy problem

     by avinaka on: Aug 2 2009
    Score 50%

    hey i am new to linux i installed the screenlet, now whatever song i play it shows a transistor like icon which probably indicates lyrics not found.

    I guess i am having this problem because i am behind a proxy server can anyone help me by telling how to configure it for proxy servers

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     Re: Proxy problem

     by dencer on: Aug 2 2009
    Score 50%

    I tried to setup http proxy and test it. It worked, but I am not sure if I setup it well.

    It's a little harder to detect whats wrong, as now the same icon is shown when screenlet isn't connected to any player and when it doesn't found lyrics. In the next release I add new icon, but now you should read output from terminal for more info, even if you are new to linux :-) There may be more problems then just proxy, e.g. player, d-bus comunication problem, music file format, missing library... Or one more test you can do, find some lyrics with .lrc extension and save it to the folder with music file. Name of lyrics and music file must be same, just different extension (.lrc and .mp3 or other). Screenlet search on disk first, then on net.

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