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Score 77%

Homepage:  Link
Downloads:  72693
Submitted:  Feb 26 2009
Updated:  Apr 14 2011


Support has ended.

This screenlet can display many information. Some of them are listed below:

- date, time, phase of moon
- holiday first names
- weather of the three places
- course
- stock
- CPU load, multi CPU/core load
- CPU frequency
- GPU information and temp (nVidia)
- memory and swap load
- local and external IP
- network usage
- network statistic
- disks usage
- list of more CPU consuming processes
- Wi-Fi signal quality
- Battery capacity
- uptime, logintime
- system information: kernel, host name, distrib
- you can click on disk-usage or rss


I created a repository on GitHub. You can clone it, edit it and send pull request. (I do not maintain it anymore.)



- Created repository on GitHub: https://github.com/horejsek/InfoPanel-Screenlet

v0.10.1 / 18.4.2010
- Add 24 and 12 time format

v0.10 / 15.3.2010
- Add Trash
- Add option to set update interval
- Fix font size
- Fix nVidia sensor

v0.9.4 / 19.10.2009
- Fixed sensors Upload/Download
- Added .holiday file: Italy
- Show AMD or Intel icon by your CPU

v0.9.3 / 12.9.2009
- Fixed scale
- Sensors, spaces and positions in options split to more tabs
- Fixed clickable disk

v0.9.2 / 31.8.2009
- Added spaces

- Fixed a link

v0.9.1 / 29.8.2009
- Fixed nVidia sensor

v0.9 / 28.8.2009
- New verion of SysMonitor PLUS
- 3x less load CPU
- Fixed a lot of bugs
- Added sensors:
- CPU frequency
- GPU information
- GPU temp
- Phase of moon

Ubuntu(InfoPanel 0.10.1)
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 Why isit blinking every second

 by kakesh on: Apr 22 2011
Score 50%

I have netbook and desktop Ubuntu 11.04 and this screenlet is blinking on both computers every second. Why is it?

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 Re: Why isit blinking every second

 by boamaod on: Apr 25 2011
Score 50%

You have to install latest development version of screenlets, this should help. It's available on http://launchpad.net/~screenlets-dev/+archive/ppa.

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 Trying to convert "-" to float

 by boamaod on: May 6 2011
Score 50%

I get lot of this kind of errors.

Traceback (most recent call last):
File "/usr/lib/pymodules/python2.6/screenlets/__init__.py", line 2018, in expose
File "InfoPanelScreenlet.py", line 1223, in on_draw
if self.getVariable( sensor ):
File "InfoPanelScreenlet.py", line 1781, in getVariable
'free%' : str( 100-float( disk[4].replace( '%', '' ) ) ),
ValueError: invalid literal for float(): -

Shall I file a report also in Launchpad project?

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 I cant install it

 by ater01 on: Jun 5 2011
Score 50%

I've tried a few different tar.gz from https://github.com/horejsek/InfoPanel-Screenlet and try to install it via the screenlets manager. But always gets the same error "Invalid archive. The archive does not contain a screenlet or karambatema" there is no easy solution to this?

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 Re: I cant install it

 by dbstraffin on: Jun 16 2011
Score 50%

I had the same problem. Seems the screenlet installer is picky about the name of the folder inside the archive. There need to be a folder with the same name as the screenlet.
I had to extract the archive, rename the folder to InfoPanel, then compress it back to an archive.

Hope this helps.

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 No module named default

 by der7even on: Nov 30 2011
Score 50%


I had a severe problem when trying to run InfoPanel on my new system (Linux Mint 12 Lisa):
nsk@sesta09:~$ python -u /usr/share/screenlets/screenlets-pack-all/InfoPanel/InfoPanelScreenlet.py
CachingBackend: Loading instances from cache
CachingBackend: Loading <InfoPanel1>
Found a running session of InfoPanel, adding new instance by service.
Error in screenlets.services.get_service_by_name: org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.ServiceUnknown: The name org.screenlets.InfoPanel was not provided by any .service files
Screenlet has already been added to /tmp/screenlets/screenlets.nsk.running
Loading instances in: /home/nsk/.config/Screenlets/InfoPanel/default/
Loaded config from: InfoPanel1.ini
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "/usr/share/screenlets/screenlets-pack-all/InfoPanel/InfoPanelScreenlet.py", line 2042, in <module>
File "/usr/lib/pymodules/python2.7/screenlets/session.py", line 474, in create_session
File "/usr/lib/pymodules/python2.7/screenlets/session.py", line 239, in start
if self.__load_instances():
File "/usr/lib/pymodules/python2.7/screenlets/session.py", line 393, in __load_instances
sl = self.create_instance(id=filename[:-4], enable_saving=False)
File "/usr/lib/pymodules/python2.7/screenlets/session.py", line 145, in create_instance
sl = self.screenlet(id=id, session=self, **keyword_args)
File "/usr/share/screenlets/screenlets-pack-all/InfoPanel/InfoPanelScreenlet.py", line 561, in __init__
self._themeModule = __import__( self.theme_name )
ImportError: No module named default

I traced this error down to the self.get_screenlet_dir() method in line 558 of InfoPanelScreenlet.py not returning the correct directory.
Calling screenlets.utils.refresh_available_screenlet_paths() just before did helped!

I have no clue why (except that all screenlets are placed in the subdirectory "screenlets-pack-all" and the directory list SCREENLETS_PATH does not contain this path prior to calling this refresh method). I don't know Python well and have no idea why this refresh is necessary here... but maybe it helps s. o. other.

One can easily check that with putting s. th. like into the script:
for dir in screenlets.SCREENLETS_PATH:
print "DEBUG: " + dir
for dir in screenlets.SCREENLETS_PATH:
print "DEBUG: " + dir

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 Cant install

 by GsxrDon on: Dec 12 2011
Score 50%

Cant install, says invalid. Wish this be updated for easier install!

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 Re: Cant install

 by Exheon on: Oct 11 2012
Score 50%

I just Have the same issue and managed to have it working with the advice that dbstraffin give us abobe.

Just like he says, our screenlets framework is kinda picky about the names of the directory from witch install screenlets to our system.

Just extract the package you just downloaded and rename it to "InfoPanel", then archive it again.

see ya!

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