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GTK Sound Application

Score 56%



Link:  Link
Downloads:  229
Submitted:  Nov 11 2008
Updated:  May 12 2009


"Python Jamendo Audio" is a python / GTK audio streaming application, which is thought to bring the free Jamendo- music on your PC. You can browse through artists and albums, mark your favorite songs and create playlists.

Pyjama is designed to make exploring of the Jamendo music- archive more comfortable: it's going to bring free music right on your desktop. At the same time it presents links to Jamendo's albums and artists all the time, so you can get additional infos, post comments and use all the other usefull community functions on Jamendo.
Pyjama is NOT giving you endless lists of artists, albums and tracks which make it all but impossible to discover something one might like. Instead of that it sorts all the albums on Jamendo at your wish (or actually at the criteria given by Jamendo).

Following features are already implemented:
* sorting of albums by date, downloads, listeners, rating of the week, rating of the month, overall rating..
* showing albums by tag
* pagination
* searching of artists, albums and tracks
* album and artist- view, presenting covers and images, other albums and additional informations
* links to artist and album pages on Jamendo
* caching of all Jamendo data in order to save bandwith and resources
* local Jamendo database to speed up queries
* history function as in your webbrowser
* support for GTK themes
* integrated playlist
* download and install jamendo database dumps and gtk themes via script
* easy downloading the whole album via torrent
* plugin support
* multi language support (only english, french and german done, yet - you can help right here on launchpad to translate into your language)

[size=12]Some more Links[/size]
Pyjama on Launchpad: http://launchpad.net/pyjama
Pyjama Homepage http://www.xn--ngel-5qa.de/pyjama

[size=12]Additional informations[/size]
* please report any error to me - this is the only way to improve pyjama.
* if you want to have the latest version of pyjama please get it from launchpad's bazaar
* Pyjama won't run with python2.6 right now!

* python2.5
* python-gtk2
* python-simplejson
* libsqlite3-0 orpython-pysqlite2
* python-libxml2 or python-xml
* python-gst0.10
* gstreamer0.10-plugins-bad
* gstreamer0.10-plugins-base
* gstreamer0.10-plugins-good


Today I am releasing Pyjama 0.3.0 codenamed "springinsfeld". There were a lot of changes and I'm still not done with everything on my todo list. But I hope you'll like the changes that made it into this release:

* a fancy new dialog which is shown when you update your database
* tooltips and menus for each track in the playlist
* improved GUI
* a new update tool (PVC)
* license informations for each track
* a lyrics plugin
* a last.fm plugin (thanks to Sebastian)
* listen statistics
* new languages
* a whole lot of bugs fixed

I think, the look and feel of pyjama has really changed since the last version - please keep reporting bugs and asking questions!

Source(Source Archive)
Debian(Deb Archive)
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 constants not found

 by barabbas on: Nov 12 2008
Score 50%

I just found out that there sometimes is a error like
"File "/usr/bin/pyjama", line 42, in <module>
from constants import *
ImportError: No module named constants"

This most probably only appears when you have installed pyjama from the .deb package.

However, you can fix this by deleting /usr/bin/pyjama and creating a softlink from /usr/share/apps/pyjama.py to /usr/bin/pyjama.

Another possibility is to add the following line to /usr/bin/pyjama after the line "import os, sys":


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 Re: constants not found

 by barabbas on: Nov 13 2008
Score 50%

*gnarf* it is
  • sys.path.append("/usr/share/apps/pyjama")
  • of course...

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     Pyjama 0.1.28 released

     by barabbas on: Nov 27 2008
    Score 50%

    if pyjama was not installing for you, this release will most probably help.

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     Pyjama 0.1.29

     by barabbas on: Jan 15 2009
    Score 50%

    Today I am releasing Pyjama 0.1.29. This version was a lot of work to do since there were a lot of changes - and some ugly bugs.
    Here some changes:

    user related:
    * when updating the database pyjama now saves memory
    * staring albums now possible
    * a more familiar toolbar
    * a menubar
    * some fixes for the UI making pyjama more consistent and intuitive
    * some hotkeys for searching and fullscreen...
    * new plugin: bookmarks
    * no more hardcoded tags: default tags can be edited via configtool or entered interactively
    * pyjama now running under windows with only a few hacks (and a lot of dependencies)

    developer related:
    * a more powerful plugin system
    * some fixes in event managment
    * the basic layout-interface has been recoded completely

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     by smif1984 on: Jan 16 2009
    Score 50%

    HI, i really like it!! well done. IMHO you could improve a little the gui, for example i cannot easily distinguish the right pane from the rest of the application. Moreover you could improve the usability of the toolbar and the menu bar.

    These are just suggestions, you program is very good.

    I've also found a bug: when cycling through windows with alt+tab, pyjama does not appear in the list.

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     Re: suggestions..

     by barabbas on: Jan 16 2009
    Score 50%


    thanks for your suggestions! Somehow pyjama hides from the windowlist when its hidden from the taskbar. I am going to change this, for now you can check "show_window_in_taskbar" in settings (configtool) in the tab "Pyjama". After a restart pyjama will show up in the taskbar/window list.

    How should the right pane be distinguished from the rest of the window... do you think by color or have you another idea?

    Also ideas for improving the menu- and toolbar are welcome... would you like to set which icons are shown?

    thanks for your commendations and keep reporting what you don't like!


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