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Nautilus Facebook Uploader


Nautilus Script

Score 55%
Nautilus Facebook Uploader

Nautilus Facebook Uploader

Nautilus Facebook Uploader

Homepage:  Link
Minimum required   GTK 2.x
Downloads:  9773
Submitted:  Dec 21 2010
Updated:  Apr 26 2011


I know it's been quite some time since the last update, but I just wanted to say that I have stopped maintaining this project due to lack of time, and the changing behavior of the facebook API making it difficult to keep things bug free. So no new updates from now :(. If I ever get time, I'll surely try and get this to work again.

Version 0.7 released. With a repository for automatic updates.

Download and install the .deb and it will also add the repository (when it asks you, say yes).

Added video uploading + drag-n-drop support too.
Added GIT repository for those who want the latest development version.
Go to http://github.com/rishavt/nfuploader for more details

This app lets you upload picture(s) or videos to facebook.

Just right click a picture/multiple pictures/a video (multiple videos not supported yet) and you can upload them to facebook.

Currently, it supports:
1. Post photos to wall
2. Upload to any existing album
3. Create an album
4. Delay an upload
5. Upload a video to facebook

You can even add description to photos now.

I\'m going to add support to set a picture as profile picture soon :) (might never happen. I'll try though)

1. Download the .deb file from the 1st link below.
2. Double-click the downloaded .deb. It should open up in Software Center (If you have 10.10), or GDebi-gtk (10.04 or earlier). Install it from there.
3. right-click the picture(s), or the video to upload>>scripts>>upload to facebook.
Select the picture(s) or video (not both) and drag it to nfuploader's icon on your dock/desktop/panel
4. Follow on-screen Instructions.

For installation/usage (No-deb method):
1. Download the source from below
2. extract it
3. read the README inside the source for further instructions

NOTE: You will NOT be able to update to this version using the Check for Updates method. It will again work after this version (for Ubuntu/Debian only) again.

NOTE: The downloaded deb will ask you to add the nfuploader repository (apt) for automatic updates. It is recommended you add it.

NOTE: Firefox patch will NOT work anymore. It should really work without that patch.


Tested on:
>Ubuntu Maverick 10.10
>Ubuntu Lucid 10.04.1 LTS
(fresh installs)

Enjoy :)


Version 0.3:
>A minor bug fix regarding the "refresh" button. Doesn't show infinite albums any more
>Added "Go to Album" button, which takes you to the album web page for editing.
Updating instructions same as installation instructions.

Version 0.4:
>Fixed the URL problem (works with all browsers. Patch not needed. But its still there, just in case)
>Added an installation script for Fedora/other "yum" OSs (rpm ones). To install in such OSs, just run "install_yum.sh" instead of "install.sh"
>Added an "about" button, which displays the version, and just some more information
>Added the "Update Nautilus FUploader" button. This is the main new feature of this version. It checks online for a newer version of this application, and updates the current one the newest if available. All in just a few seconds! So after this update, no more coming to this site and downloading this application all over again once an update comes out. Just press on this button, and this app will automatically update itself.
> Added the "upload later" button. One more added feature. It allows you to upload your picture(s) after a specified number of minutes. Not always useful, but when the need comes, can be really handy ;). Also gives a notification after every 5 minutes displaying the amount of time left for the upload.
(Sorry for the pathetic arrangement of the new buttons. Didn't have time to rearrange them properly. I'll mostly be adding a menu to my next update, which will reduce the clutter by a very big extent)
>Firefox_patch.py updated. No longer need the original files to patch it. Just run the patch from any location, and your file will get patched for firefox.

NOTE: please do NOT modify/move the nautilus script (from your scripts folder). Most of the updating features work assuming that you haven't moved that file.

This is a must update, guys. If not for anything else, just for the update button. It'll reduce your effort to stay updated to a very big extent

Version 0.5 released!! :D
>Complete layout change. Looks much neater now. Added a menubar, reduced clutter a lot.
>Added picture previews before uploading
>Added predefined delay-timings.

Version 0.6:
>Created .debs for easy installation
>Re-organized the files. ppa coming soon :)
>Added an icon
>Added a menu-item. You'll find Nautilus Facebook Uploader in Applications>>Internet
>the command "nfuploader" runs this application, and accepts command line arguments. For example running "nfuploader pic1.png" will be equivalent to right-clicking pic1.png and opening with this application.
> Made the confirmation dialog optional (Right-click on the main dialog to show/hide it)
>Made the menubar optional (again, right-click on the main window to show/hide)
> Fixed a few bugs, including the "go to album" but when posting to wall
>Easily removable via software center if you have installed the .deb. Can also remove via terminal by typing in "sudo apt-get remove nfuploader"
> Cached the album list, so you dont have to refresh everytime you run this app. Just need to refresh in case you made any changes to your albums via your browser.

Version 0.7 (Hurray :) Lots of new things):
>Made an apt repository for automatic updates. The deb will add it automatically (its optional. it wont force you)
>Added Video uploading support (hurray again). You can upload videos to facebook easily now.
>Made the "please wait. uploading..." dialog MUCH better. It doesn't hang now, and gives more information about the uploade.
>Fixed some minor bugs
>Added ability to set photo descriptions.

Ubuntu(nfuploader (Direct Link-Deb))
(nfuploader (Direct Link-Source))
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 deb bugs

 by hotice on: Mar 16 2011
Score 50%

The deb is quite buggy:

rm: cannot remove `/usr/bin/nfuploader': No such file or directory
/home/andrei/.gnome2/nautilus-scripts/Upload To Facebook
ls: cannot access /home/lost+found/.gnome2/nautilus-scripts/Upload To Facebook: No such file or directory
touch: cannot touch `/home/lost+found/.gnome2/nautilus-scripts/Upload To Facebook': No such file or directory
Processing triggers for menu ...

You shouldn't try to remove /usr/bin/nfuploaderm the .deb should replace that on its own.

I'm guessing "lost+found" was supposed to be my username? Check out my .deb and how I've managed to write stuff in the user home directory (and it works): https://launchpad.net/~nilarimogard/+archive/webupd8/+files/dropbox-share_0.3.9-1~webupd8~maverick.tar.gz

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 Re: deb bugs

 by RishavT on: Mar 16 2011
Score 50%

Heyy. The deb's not buggy, its just the command thats returning an error (not the script). But that's kinda normal, since I'm linking /usr/bin/nfuploader to /usr/share/nfuploader/Facebook.py

So if I install a deb, the next deb (update) wouldn't install (unless I remove the earlier link) since the linking command doesn't replace the earlier links. And the installation wont get stuck, since the script is in python (and not bash).

I'll check out u'r deb though. Thanks :)

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 Re: Re: deb bugs

 by RishavT on: Mar 16 2011
Score 50%

And just one more thing. Did the installation fail? As in did you not get the script after insatlling?

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 this is what I get

 by cosa on: Mar 16 2011
Score 50%

Traceback (most recent call last):
File "/usr/bin/nfuploader", line 559, in confirm_ok
File "/usr/bin/nfuploader", line 651, in upload3
if self.obj.put2album(self.auth_token,alb_id,x) == False:
File "/usr/bin/nfuploader", line 101, in put2album
return self.PyC_obj.put(a_token,a_id,photo)
File "/usr/bin/nfuploader", line 32, in put
param = [('access_token',str(access_token)), ('source',(pycurl.FORM_FILE,str(photo)))]
UnicodeEncodeError: 'ascii' codec can't encode characters in position 13-20: ordinal not in range(128)

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 Re: this is what I get

 by RishavT on: Mar 16 2011
Score 50%

Hey thanks for the report.

I didn't see (or get) that error ever before, but on searching a bit, found out that it might be an issue with your python version.

Do use python version 2.5? Then That might be the case. If you can upgrade to 2.6 it would be good, otherwise you'll have to wait a bit till I can patch it for 2.5 (or of course, if you want you can patch it.)

If you're not on 2.5, then It might take some time since I have to figure out how to fix it.

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