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 Techniques for converting PPTX to DVD

 by eliuliu1989 on: Feb 25 2013
Score 50%

Should you use Microsoft PowerPoint 2007, you will discover the PowerPoint files you saved are .pptx files. This paper is going to share you a straightforward but outstanding approach to burn PPTX to DVD in order that you'll be able to observe the PowerPoint presentation in your home DVD player.

Only using a PPTX to DVD creator, you'll be able to very easily burn several [url=http://www.powerpoint2video.com/how-to-convert-pptx-to-dvd/]PPTX files to DVD[/url] with DVD menu since this PPTX to DVD creator gives you several DVD menus for picking. Furthermore, you'll be able to add background music or record voice narration to your DVD presentation.

Guidebook: the best way to convert PPTX to DVD?

1. Load PPTX files

Run [url=http://www.powerpoint2video.com/leawo-powerpoint-to-dvd-pro.html]PPTX to DVD creator[/url] and load the PPTX files by pressing add or Import. You'll be able to maximum add up to twelve PPTX files at each and every conversion.

2. Pick output

Just press options and pick create standard DVD so as to convert PPTX to DVD. Here you are able to pick Norm, Mode and Folder. What is a lot more, you'll be able to click advanced settings to your PPTX to DVD conversion. You'll be able to set slide size, video quality, audio codec, DVD audio language code, and conversion status to your DVD output.

Find out details of advanced settings for DVD slideshow

PowerPoint: If your presentation goes using a sound file, you'll be able to pick to disregard it inside the created DVD. Specifically when two or a lot more animations are incorporated, for smooth play back on DVD players, you'd far better pick to ignore the audio in manual mode.

Slide Size: Pick a appropriate slide size to your DVD slideshow to play on TV. You'll be able to pick to maintain current slide scale in later DVD playback or alter the slide size as necessary.

Video Quality: Higher video quality or smaller output file dimension? It really is up to you. To acquire essentially the most thrilling video effect, pick Large Quality.

Audio Codec: Two audio codecs can be found, i.e. AC3 and MP2, to your PPTX DVD to play on the DVD player. Not positive which one must be? Then pick AC3, a standard DVD audio codec.

Blu-ray/DVD: Set the audio language codec to your DVD output. Pick to or to not disable DVD menus. Furthermore, you'll be able to also pick regardless of whether to present navigation buttons in manual-play mode.

Conversion: Examine to produce the audio portion mute when converting PPTX to DVD. If there is certainly yet another file with all the same identify as your DVD file, you'll be able to pick to rename or override it.

3. Add DVD menu

Should you like, you'll be able to pick a menu style from your predefined templates or develop your own to produce your Blu-ray output even far better by clicking Menu Creator.

4. Finish the conversion

In burn panel, set a lot more items and then click start to burn PPTX to DVD.

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 A Tutorial for Tips on how to Copy Blu-ray Flicks

 by eliuliu1989 on: Mar 14 2013
Score 50%

Any time you have some lease or borrowed Blu-ray flicks available, tips on how to copy them on your computer system? Film lovers clinging to Blu-ray's unsurpassed picture and audio excellent, to say almost nothing of its copious extras. Along with the guide of application like Blu-ray copy, you can transfer flicks on disc to Computer system for archival or media-center applications. Real to its title, [url=http://www.bdconverter.com/how-to-copy-blu-ray-to-hard-drive/]Blu ray copy software[/url] can replicate disc flicks to both tricky disk or blank disc, this provides you almost everything you may need for making backup copies. Ideal for copying Blu-ray and DVD to harddisk, disc, folder and ISO file and in many cases 1: 1 disc clone blu ray to blu ray disc and DVD to DVD disc.
Information: Tips on how to copy Blu ray to harddisk
Step1. Import Blu ray supply to Blu ray Copy software
Click on "Source" fall down button to load Blu ray information on the software. You may also load Blu ray folder.
Step2. Set Goal for output
Click on "Target" fall down button to set goal place to avoid wasting output Blu ray profile on the community computer system.
Step3. Do necessary settings
Pick out Disc form; opt for Copy manner from Whole Film, Most important Film and Personalized Film; set Disc Tag. Any time you opt for Most important Film or Personalized Film copy manner, you'll be able to come up with a preview of supply Blu-ray information and select audio and subtitle of supply Blu-ray information.
Step4. Start to copy Blu ray to harddisk
Click on the "Start" button to start to copy Blu-ray to harddisk. The copy course of action is time intensive, you should wait around patiently.

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 Tutorial for Wondershare AllMyTube for Mac

 by eliuliu1989 on: Jun 3 2013
Score 50%

Wondershare AllMyTube for Mac is surely an all-in-one app, showcasing being a professional video footage downloader along with a impressive video converter. It allows you to obtain videos from hot video sharing websites, like YouTube, Facebook, Metacafe, Vimeo, etc. and convert the downloaded videos to almost preferred video formats. Besides, AllMyTube for Mac is also a video player and manager. The built-in video player enables you to enjoy FLV, MP4, WebM videos on Mac cozily. The Library assists you to manage videos orderly The best YouTube downloader for Mac free of charge to download videos from YouTube sites. Download online videos using trendy video-sharing sites like Facebook, Metacafe, Vimeo, Break, Video Bash, Vevo, Liveleak, MyVideo, FunnyOrDie, PhotoBucket etc.

How to work with Wondershare AllMyTube for Mac?

Download and install Wondershare AllMyTube for Mac as part of your Mac. Simply click here to acquire coupon [url=]http://www.moyeamedia.com/wondershare-allmytube-for-mac[/url].

Part 1: How you can download videos from video sharing websites

Step1. Obtain the video you intend to download

Launch Safari, Chrome or Firefox, then go to the video sharing website and find film you wish to download. Open the video and listen to it. After you play in the video, a download button will automatically show up on top of the right on the playing video.

Step2. Take up among the following approaches to download the online video

1) Press the download icon that has already came out inside the top right corner from the video.


2) Copy it URL within the address bar, and then go through the ?°Paste URL?± button.


3) Directly drag and drop the URL to the Dock icon and the interface of the YouTube Video Downloader.


Part 2: Tips on how to download YouTube video playlist

Step1. Find the video playlist you need to download

Go to YouTube.com and look for a YouTube list you want to download. Videos from YouTube Channel, Music/Movie Category, Artist?ˉs Playlist, User?ˉs personal page are supported. Once you get a video playlist, you are going to experience a "Download All" button just beside it. Click it to start bulk downloading.


Additionally, you can just open a video that you want to download. Whether it belongs to a video playlist, this smart app will automatically show a "Playlist" option if you press the "Download" button. Pick out this program to acquire your favorite videos in a click.


Step2. Launch YouTube playlist video downloading

In the pop-up window seems, you may discover the many videos from the playlist have been auto fetched. Opt for all or some of them according to your requirements, subsequently click Download to begin with batch YouTube downloading.


Part 3: The way to convert the downloaded video to other formats

Step1. Obtain the video you want to convert

You need to enter into the "Downloaded" interface. You will find all downloaded videos using the information like video size, format and resolution. Along with the converting process is also taking place here. Just pick the video you wish to convert and then click the corresponding "Convert“ button.


Step2. Select your required video format

After clicking the "Convert" button, you will have a show up window asking you to opt for the target video format. Here, you can even read the choice of "Open the directory as soon as the process is completed" or "Export the converted files to iTunes if possible". The formats and machines are well categorized. You'll be able to very easily find what you would like. From then on, click "OK".


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 by bankydull on: Dec 13 2015
Score 50%

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